Wifi during International Travel

With the urgency and the need for global communication from wherever we are, one important tool for international travel is the dependency on a Wifi connection. Rain or shine, the importance of connecting to the world and being in touch with the current situations both at home and across the world are essential.

Enter XCOM Global

XCOM Global MiFi device connected from the balcony of Hotel Parador – La Gomarde, Tenerife, Spain.

Connecting to the world through XCOM global device anywhere is easy. Be it in the airport or the Ferry or just the back gardens of the hotel.


I had to travel in the midst of US presidential election and was keen to know the result. It was an engaging campaign that had the interest of people across the world. In places I was traveling, we didn’t have great Wifi access. Luckily, I had planned ahead and carried the XCOM Global’s MiFi/USB Modem plan that gave me instant access anywhere on the planet.

I had received the package two days before my travel and was quite apprehensive of the device. However, it all got solved in less than 60 seconds, when the device showed me solid signal strength that enabled me to get instant access. Arguably, this little device is now among my most useful travel gadgets.

In this age of 24/7 news cycles and near-breathless commentators addressing every aspect of human nature and world events, many travelers want to remain connected. But, being connected while on the road or in the air doesn’t mean we can’t take the time to reconnect with our spouse, our children or the natural environment during our journeys. Having the ability to stay in-touch with clients, editors, and others who give us gainful employment, via devices such as the XCOM Global MiFi, can lead to greater happiness and, in certain cases, help ensure our future prosperity.

As it happened, I was able to give a brief thoughts on the US elections to a local newspaper in Spain, on the day of the results. There is a considerable interest on the Presidential election and it was heartening to know how much the rest of the world wanted Obama to emerge victorious. I could update myself based on the access I managed thro’ the little device that connected me with the current affairs.

In an age of uncertainty and instantaneous communications, remaining connected has never been easier than before, or more important. With this relatively inexpensive device, you can remove that uncertainty and gain Internet access no matter where you stand on the planet.

The Chorous of …

In the foothills of the Himalayas lies one of the world’s greatest natural treasures, a prelapsarian paradisal park whose residents range from elephants and tigers to endangered Gangetic dolphins.

Cetacia Lab

Cetacia Lab and Whale Research

On a recent visit to the North Coast of British Columbia one of the memorable experiences on the Pacific was the time I spent with two remarkable individuals working on Whale research.

The research station was built with the help of Gitga’at community of Hartley Bay. The lab has established extensive hydrophone network recording Whales Vocalization and their behavior during their visit to the Pacific North territory.

One of the contentious point of this thriving Whale habitat is the Enbridge pipeline project that has been sanctioned by the Canadian Government. Mr. Suzuki one of the leading environmentalist of Canada is at the forefront of fighting to stop this project and help save this pristine environment from possible disaster in the years ahead.

Preparing for a Project

Preparing for a project is no mean task. Months and months of preparation, sleepless nights, unending phone calls almost 24×7, exhaustive paper work, ground logistics…I just can’t thank enough people who work behind the scenes. Coordinating the equipment, calling up friends for unknown and the known, uncertainties of field logistics, exhaustive international travel, VISA and Customs, the list is endless. When the day arrives, when you zip up the luggage, look at the ticket and get to the airport, time stands still…Yet another time, waiting at the security and ready to take off to the distant land hoping to submerge and be enriched with the world culture and the indomitable spirit of human nature. And I am now ready to get to India, the land that I belong to, the land that has taught me what I am today and the people, who share common passions.