Located at 3268 ft on the banks of Ravi River, Chamba is one of the oldest towns in Himachal Pradesh. Town has many temples and palaces and is famous for the annual Minjar festival in July/August. The fair begins by distribution of Minjar which is a silk tassel worn on some parts of the dress by men and women alike. This tassel symbolizes the shoots of paddy and maize which start to blossom around the middle of the year. In earlier times, the Raja would begin this tradition which is now transferred to the invited chief guest from the administration. As part of the opening, the chief guest throws a coconut, a rupee, a seasonal fruit and a Minjar tied in a red piece of cloth – Lohan – as offering to the river. This is followed by all the people throwing their Minjars into the river. Traditional Kumjari-Malhar is sung by the local artists.

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