Challenges of International Travel

Often people ask me, how do you travel so much and manage all the paper work. Someone must be processing your visa. Sorry folks, I don’t hold a Diplomatic / Head of State passport. I am a common citizen and have to go through the same procedure as millions across the world do. I always get the same reply from my travel agents. Your Visa is subject to embassy clearance. I am always proud of my background and my nationality, though it has been quite challenging on many occasions. My Visas have been rejected on few occasions, yet, it has been a fulfilling experience to be part of a journey saying proudly, of where I come from. So many wonderful stories of human endeavors, people’s passion and incredible energy from such diverse people across the world, we truly live in one of the wonderful planet and human life in particular is so fascinating. I will bear the irritations of VISA many times, as I know once I land on the other side of the immigration counter, it is a whole different world.

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