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Who’s Bhaskar? Or “who’s DK”?

An inquisitive, curious, collaborative, adventurous, academic, socially responsible ambassador for preservation of vanishing cultures and threatened landscapes. A passionate, award winning documentary specialist and culturally dynamic adventurer D.K. Bhaskar is fascinated by the whole wide world and he celebrates the joy of discovering the world through his lens.

A Fellow of The Explorers Club (founded in 1904), Bhaskar has crisscrossed deserts, rain forests, mountain passes and Arctic tundra during the course of his expeditions. His journeys have taken him to culturally diverse destinations the world over.

His work is widely published.

His award-winning work has appeared in major publications world-wide including:

Departures, Bloomberg, Rolling Stone India, UNESCO Journal, Insight, Lonely Planet, Sanctuary Asia, Saevus, Better Photography, JetWings, Man’s World, Earthwatch, Go Getter, Wildlife Conservation Society, Journal of Bio-geography, Khabar, and many others. He has been the principal photographer for several Insight Guide books (published by Berlitz) and a contributing photographer for 18 books.

His recent book, The Fragile Forest: Inside Brazilian Amazonia : ISBN – 978-0615383248 published by International Fine Art Gallery, USA is available on

“I live in a virtual world and my motivation is to capture and share extraordinary images with people”, says Bhaskar, in the midst of his numerous travels capturing the cultures, persona and the natural world.”

The long journey from Mysore to the World

He was born on a riverbank about 18 miles from Mysore, South India–a city of a mind-boggling array of cultural diversity– most of his education was in rural Karnataka.

His romance with the natural world began with sojourns to neighboring agricultural fields. His horizons broadened as he traveled far and wide in search of visions that captivated him. At the age of 17, he received the prestigious President’s Scout Guide Medal (similar to the Boy Scouts of America’s Eagle Scout highest award) from the late President of India, Giani Zail Singh.

He also holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Bangalore University.

Nature lover

Although a keen nature lover, Bhaskar was not a serious photographer until the early 2000s, at which time he was employed as an education technologist in a leading research center in Bangalore. Scientific and cultural expeditions to Europe and South America helped him mature into a seasoned naturalist and an artist with exceptional creativity. During the past several years, Bhaskar has collaborated with scientists, environmentalists, writers, politicians, policy makers to document the diversity of changing landscapes.

A natural history photographer can have some very “interesting” experiences!

Some of the more “interesting” experiences include being chased by elephants until he found an electric tower for survival; being attacked by a rhino; and even being kidnapped for seven days by militants in northeast India.

His work has received numerous awards including Raleigh International Photographer (UK), Gold Medal in the Bill Muster Showcase of the Society of American Travel Writers, finalist for Wanderlust Photographer of the Year (UK) and Photographer’s Forum Award (USA). Bhaskar’s photographic work is exhibited around the world.

“Travel and photography are my passions”, says Bhaskar, “as well as diverse cultures and societies.”

My favorite times, however, are those that I spend in the company of Mother Nature. It has always been my humble intention to give back a fraction of what I have borrowed from her. It is for this reason that I love to educate and inspire the young children and people who are young-at-heart to love and care for the natural world.”


Bhaskar is a regular speaker and gives invited talks on natural history, photo expeditions and cultural diversity of communities around the world.

He is a strong advocate of cultural and native festivals. His knowledge, experience and his art of connecting with the public are met with enthusiasm all across the world. His elephant tales talks are always attended with great interest.

Bhaskar regularly leads cultural expeditions to young students and other enthusiasts to India. He also works closely with the Center for Global Studies at the University of Kansas, Lawrence.

Bhaskar’s work is supported by  NikonLowepro, Datacolor, Goal Zero as well as many other individual supporters.

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