“I’ve never met a photographer more committed to using his photographic talents in order to make the world a better place. His lovely photographic projects are always undertaken in alignment with his life’s goal:  to use the power of photography to make the world a more culturally and environmentally aware and peaceful planet.”

Carolyn Potts, Carolyn Potts & Assoc.Inc. USA

“Your book is well compiled and is an excellent introduction to the Amazonia. It was a joy reading the chapters and is a collectors edition!”

Bill Fortney, Nikon Inc, USA

“In sharing the experience of Amazonia and thereby illuminating an area of the world that man will not have the privilege to know first hand, D.K. Bhaskar has done his part to preserve the fragile wealth of the Amazon”.

PM Rogers, VergeLive, USA

“The frozen moments of Bhaskar’s camera often capture for me the awe and delight of this mysterious place and the special qualities of the Amazon more than words can ever do.”

Dr. Yadvinder Malhi, Professor of Ecosystems and Royal Geographic Society Fellow, UK and Ghana

“Bhaskar is possibly one of the hardest working writers I know. Whether it’s researching facts or writing them, or working them into an article or a book, he is indefatigable. Open to criticism, quick to learn and a perfectionist by nature, Bhaskar now compliments his principal talent in photography with painstakingly honed writing skills.”

Sumana Mukherjee, Editor, Forbes Lifestyle

“The narrative delves into the rich cultural and global significance of the Amazon basin and examines the role science must play in the region”

Columbia County News Times, Augusta, USA

“I commend this book ‘The Fragile Forest inside Brazilian Amazonia’ which gives a unique insight into a vast landscape that it is essential to maintain. Bhaskar’s text and breathtaking photography allow a deep understanding of this immensely important part of our landscape.”

Neil Lawson Baker, Chairman, The National Open Art Competition, Chichester, England

“You have wonderful photographs and the book has a special evocative feel to it, unlike anything else I know of. The overall impression is inspired, and very inspiring!”

Dr. Oliver Phillips, Professor of Tropical Ecology, University of Leeds, UK

“Mr. Bhaskar’s work is a poetic book. His photographs unveil the beauty of the forest, a feast to the eyes, as well as its mysteries that stirs strange apprehensions. They provide emotional clues that bring us closer to the majesty of the Amazon.

H.E. Jose Vicente Pimentel, Former Ambassador for Brazil, New Delhi, India

“I first worked with D K Bhaskar in March 2007. Bhaskar had just journeyed across Brazil and had written into us about writing a story about sailing the Amazon. It didn’t take too long for us to realise that Bhaskar was a quality photographer with an emphathetic eye. Over the years Bhaskar has contributed not just our men’s lifestyle magazine, Man’s World, but also to various other magazines in the MW group. While he has shot a wide range of subjects across the world, my favourite photograph remains one of a North Atlantic Gannet in Scotland. It is quite possibly among the best natural history photographs I have ever seen. Bhaskar’s strength is obviously photography, but he has also worked tremendously hard on his writing skills. He is willing to exchange a hundred mails to ensure accuracy in his stories and very open to reworking them to fit the demands of different magazines. Most importantly, his world isn’t just restricted to the camera and what it sees. For about two years now, he has been associated with the International Photography Partnerships (IPP), USA, which aims to use photography to provide both children and women in India’s rural areas an opportunity to document their lives. Bhaskar sees the camera as a tool that can educate and empower.”

Murali K Menon, Senior Editor, Man’s World/Rolling Stone India

“D.K. Bhaskar is simply the best photographer I’ve ever worked with. Not only does he have an extraordinary eye for a great picture, he’s the hardest working man with a camera. In every shoot, he surprises me with a set of superb imagery”.

Tom Grant, Editor, Metro Spirit, USA

“Very talented and well traveled photojournalist with high-quality of work. You have a curious and engaging mind to look at your surroundings”

Richard Brock, Living Planet Productions, UK

“Creative, thoughtful and talented artist. Your work is engaging and your commitment to humanitarian documentaries is highly appreciable. Keep up the good work.”

Michelle Dennis, Antenna Documentaries, USA

“Beautiful artistic accomplishments. Incredible diversity of photographs.”

Dr. Joshua Jather, President, Israel national Academy of Sciences, Israel

“That Amazon is indeed amazing is well known. But Bhaskar’s effort is equally amazing and he has done all of us proud and his achievements have put our country on the world map of exceptional photographers.”

K.S. Sharma, CEO, Prasar Bharati, New Delhi, India

“Excellent and extremely professional exhibition; the world should see these extraordinary photographs.”

Kranti Kapre, UNESCO

“Penance that has made this work possible. An excellent compilation of work of the highest order. It is Bhaskar’s TAPAS.”

Late Dr. Mathoor Krishnamurhty,Executive Director, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, UK

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