Who owns the copyright to these images?
All photographs are under copyright by photographer D K Bhaskar.

Do you have more images to show than what is available on this website?
Yes. DewWorks has a huge collection of images available from assignments from across the globe. Please send us an email to check we have an image that you are looking for.

Are you available for assignments to any part of the world?
Yes we are available to travel to any part of the world for assignments and have experience of capturing photos in almost every kind of festival, landscape and culture. Write to us to know more about it.

What are your rates for assignments?
I do not disclose the rates in public. If you are interested, please drop me a mail with your requirements and I would get back to you.

How can I get associated with Dew Works?
We will be putting up the terms and conditions for it shortly. Send us a mail in the mean time.