Northern Light Awards 2012

For 25 years, Canadian Tourism Commission has rewarded the Outstanding work in print, online, photography, broadcast TV and online video. In a glittering luncheon in San Francisco on April 3 2012.  John Fennell, Associate Professor of the Missouri School of Journalism, judged the print entries, Jayne Morris Berry of JMB Post Production judged the online video and Don Young of Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium assessed the broadcast entries. There were more than 300 entries across the five categories. I was honored to receive the award for my work.

Here is a look at the award winners –

Elephant-human conflict

On a recent visit to Kaziranga National Park in North East India leading a workshop with my students, we visited the village Molipetar Basti, adjacent to the National Park. A small herd of 4 elephants in the late evening walked through the reserve forest and to the community rampaging the fields and the adjoining homes. One particular family of Sanjay Ghosh with wife and four children were lucky to survive as they ran onto the tree top where they have a temporary shelter. In a span of 15 minutes the elephants pulverized their home and in particular snatched the rice from their kitchen. Jyoti P Das, researcher with AARANYAK who was with us when we visited the village said, these conflicts are increasing as the elephant path is encroached and rouge elephants take advantage and seek their rice and toddy from the village homes.

The approach to the village of Molipetar Basti where a small community of 10 families live. Their main occupation is agricultural labor.

4 elephants from the adjoining national park crossed the path through the agricultural fields right into the homes in the community.

The affected mother with her four children huddles to a corner still recovering from the shock.

Sanjay Ghosh, the sole bread winner for the family picks up the plastic can which stored Rice. Elephants rampaged and took away all their daily groceries. The family was left with nothing by grief and shock of surviving an elephant attack.

The family stand helplessly and innocently not knowing what to do next for their house and their daily life.

India Today Travel Plus

The Fragile Forest: Inside Brazilian Amazonia gets a mention in the India Today Travel Plus magazine.


Book Cover

The Fragile Forest: Inside Brazilian Amazonia is a celebration of the spirit of the Amazonian rainforests. The book aims to introduce the reader to the mystery and romance of the region, supported by scores of photographs. While every attempt has been made to bring out fascinating facts about the Amazon basin and its significance as the greatest biodiversity hotspot on this planet, this book is not intended to be a detailed historic, economic, scientific or geographical reference for the region.

The book contains 160 color illustrations and three maps depicting the fabulous landscape, people and wildlife of the region. This book is a collector’s delight and a treasure for anyone looking for a pictorial representation of encounters in the wilderness of the Amazonian rain forests.

1. Book signing on September 10, 2010 at Explorers Club, Piedmont Chapter, Columbia, SC. Time: 1:00 PM

2. Bhaskar is speaking on Developing Cultural Documentary at the Richmond County Library, Augusta, GA on September 11, 2010 @ 2:00 PM

3. Bhaskar is available to talk about the book during the Westabou Festival at the North Augusta Cultural Center on September 17, 2010 @ 7:00 PM.


Click here to buy on Amazon!

Click here to buy on Amazon!

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The book is available in India through STRAND BOOK STALL, one of the leading book sellers in the country.